Help Reduce Pet Hunger

We work with local programs to identify those in need of pet food and services.

How do We Help Reduce Pet Hunger?

  • We provide pet food to clients once per month based on the number of pets they have in their home.

Why do We Provide Assistance with Pet Food?

  • The human/pet bond can be life saving for both human and pet. Many of the people we help have rescued their pet off the streets. They will tell you the pet has rescued them.

  • Pets may be their only family or friend. They offer companionship, unconditional love, joy, comfort, friendship, and acceptance. The people we help love their pets unconditionally and will give their pets their last bite of food.

  • Helping people feed their pets decreases shelter/rescue intakes.

  • Low income senior citizens will forgo medical needs and food to take care of their pets.

  • The homeless with pets have many challenges including no shelter. There are no human shelters willing to accept pets. Commitment to their pets outweighs seeking shelter or help for themselves – they make the choice to live in the extreme heat, cold, rain – doing what they can to provide for their pets because they won’t leave them behind.

  • For those who have served our country, we want them to know they are not forgotten and that we are there to help them with their pets.